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GREAT PLANT COMBINATIONS: Loropetalum and Sunshine Ligustrum

loropetalum with sunshine ligustrum
sunshine ligustrum mail order planting
sunshine ligustrum mail order planting

Purple and yellow are complementary colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. That means, the yellow is pure and the purple is made up of the other two primary colors red and blue. Together, that make an incredible combination as the chartreuse of the ligustrum really pops against the dark burgundy of the loropetalum shrubs.

Both of these shrubs grow great in full sun. The loropetalum, also known as chinese fringe flower, can grow to at least 15 feet tall. However, most maintain the shrub at 10 feet or less. The ligustrum, while many marketing images show it at one foot tall, this plant can grow to 8 feet tall. but many keep it at 5 feet.

For those of you hesitant about ligustrum, don’t worry, this particular variety is sterile. It doesn’t flower or produce seed and is not invasive like other ligustrum plants.

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