Transcend Creative is where creativity thrives! The proprietor, Stacey, is earning her Masters of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida. She holds her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and earned her Master Gardener certification in Pasco County nearly twenty years ago.

Always the artist, Stacey loves to dabble in watercolor, acrylics, oils with cold wax, batik, and clay as well as other media including metal and glass. But her favorite form of expression is with plants! She spends her free time propagating, designing, and landscaping her 10-acre art garden she calls “Avant Gardens” in Pasco county Florida just north of Tampa.

Stacey on the way to see Kiss in Tampa
On the way to see Kiss. (above) and the Stones (below). Music is art too!

Stacey is a Digital Director for a national nonprofit advocacy and lobbying firm where she leads a team of content developers, graphic artists, data gurus and marketing and press professionals. She has taught graphic design, web development, and technology tools at U.S.F., Rutgers University, and St. Pete College. A proud accomplishment is that she is a clinical electronic medical records specialist who co-wrote her own hospice medical practice management software. In her current position, she set up systems such as Google suite, ads manager, Sprout Social, Salsa Engage, and implemented Salesforce sales CRM for legislator tracking in three weeks having no prior experience in the SAAS app.

Her fortes are marketing, project management, business intelligence and information technology, medical product software development, gardening, art, grassroots advocacy and lobbying from a communications and marketing perspective.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these skillsets, please contact her here.