mexican sunflower tithonia

Florida was named “abounding in flowers” for a reason. There are so many different flowering plants that thrive in our sunshine state… even in the brutal summer sweltering heat. Even flowering plants in the shade love a good dose of morning sunshine. Here are a few that love being in 6 hours or more of full sun: oleander, hibiscus, crape myrtles, roses, zinnia, gaura, loropetalum, vinca, jathropa, allamanda, gardenia, society garlic, Mexican petunia, crinum lilies, agapanthus, firebush, bougainvillea, pentas, sunflowers, Texas sage, salvia, turk’s cap, agave, beautyberry, bottlebrush, ornamental grasses, perennial peanut, bulbine, jasmine, juniper, blue daze and, of course, most citrus and fruit plants.