peace lilies Spathiphyllum

Shade doesn’t have to mean dark and boring. Bring your shady corners to life! There are many beautiful, colorful plants that are sure to spark joy in partial shade (less than 6 hours/day), dappled shade (sun peeking through trees), and full shade. While much color may be displayed in foliage, there are several flowering plants that don’t mind the shade, especially during the hottest time of the day from 12-2pm.

The first flowering plants that come to mind are azaleas, camellias, oak leaf hydrangeas, pagoda flowers, passion vine, yesterday today and tomorrows, impatiens, begonias, gingers, thryallis, firespikes and shrimp plants. Colorful foliage plants are coleus, bromeliads, orchids, caladiums, gingers, ti plants, hakonachloa, crotons, ferns, ligularia (tractor seat plant), and more.