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Preparing for the College Art Show

gold leaf

I am a perpetual student. I must have 200 college credits by now! I just earned my Masters of Science from the University of South Florida last year. And now, I am enrolled in a ton of art classes including a Portraiture Bootcamp with Arthur Gain, the Milan Art Institute, and Painting 2 at the local college.

We actually have two shows. The first is this week in Spring Hill. The other is later this month at the main campus museum in New Port Richey. My most fabulous professor, Julie Lovero-Fox has allocated me space for two series of paintings.

The first I will present is an exploration of oil portraiture. Ya see, I have this burning desire to study classical oil painting so that I may leverage that skillset to become more expressive in mixed media abstract realism. That genre appeases my soul and is where I feel most gratified.

I am submitting a Sargent study, a Lyobuvnaya study, a couple I did inspired by Milan Art Institute lessons, and one A.I. influenced piece I needed to create after taking Brad Kunkle’s gold leaf class. Here they are:

The second series I am finishing up is heavier on the mixed media. One is a piece I completed in Lioba’s mixed media class, two others are again inspired by my work at the Milan Art Institute, and the last piece is a full on collage with acrylics and oils that I wanted to do in anticipation of taking a class in Melbourne next week with Derek Gores.

Hope you enjoy! I know I loved every minute of creating them… even the frustrating ones. lol

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