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Amazing Shed/Porch Landscape Transformation

after porch

If you’ve been following me for a bit now, you know I am forever improving the gardens in an old horse pasture and corral we used to have.

First, we put in an RV pad and landscaped it (read more about that here).

Then we put in a sun garden as a privacy screen.

I then added a gorgeous Bismarck palm surrounded by loropetalums, sunshine ligustrums, lilies and other plants.

I added a few beds of roses and boxwoods.

We concreted a car port in one of the stalls, then built a copper pipe and cedar trellis.

And our most ambitious project by far was removing the overhead electrical wires and upgrading the electric.

By far one of the biggest improvements was adding a deck and a back porch.

The final touch (for now) was landscaping around the porch.

In this video, you’ll see hurricane katrina (peggy martin) roses in bloom, some boxwoods, a cat palm, hawaiian ti plants, yucca, newly planted orange birds of paradise, dormant crape myrtles, brodie palms and more.

This area went from an unusable, blustering hot, pretty “ghetto” area to an inviting space where we literally “hang out,” listen to music, and enjoy the beauty of our garden.

It truly is an amazing transformation!

after porch

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