Florida Substitutes for Northern Plants

crape myrtles

There are many plants that grow up north that simply die when planted in Florida. Some others may survive, yet need a required chilling period to blossom. Peonies, bearded iris, daffodils, tulips, hostas, pachysandra and other plants just won’t grow here the way they do up north if at all. Here is a table of plants that northern gardeners should try as alternatives to their beloved northern plants instead. Discover new and different gorgeous plants that love our hot, rainy summers, moderate winters, and subtropical climate.

Northern PlantZone 9 Substitute Plant
bearded irisafrican iris, agapanthus, canna lily, crinum lily
peonycrape myrtle, camellia, roses
lilacchaste tree (vitex)
hostassun hosta (do not plant in the sun), caladium, coleus or various gingers
snowball hydrangeasnowball viburnum
panicle hydrangeaoakleaf hydrangea
tiger lilycanna lily, bulbine, agapanthus, crinum lily
lavendersage, mona lavender
forsythiaforsythia sage (salvia madrensis), thryallis, senna
evergreen ball arborvitae or boxwooddwarf yaupon holly, dwarf abelia, dwarf indian hawthorn, dwarf viburnum

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