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Finishing up the circle beds & planting cool season flower seeds

pine needle mulched Circle Rose Beds with cool season annual seeds

This is the second article in the series. Click here to read the first blog piece.

Well, I completed digging the third 7′ diameter circle and filled it with topsoil. Then I planted two Fun Jwan Lo climbing rose bushes in the center of the two end beds. The center bed already had a Davis Store climbing rose.

In this video, I sort out cool season flowers, then filter them by planting depth and flower height. I placed the taller varieties in the center (snapdragons, poppies, yarrow), closest to the rose bushes.

phlox, snapdragon, bachelor’s buttons, love in a mist, yarrow, poppies and more

The medium sized flowers in the middle ring (phlox, love in a mist, bachelors buttons) and the shorter varieties (violas, impatiens, dwarf phlox) closest to the edge. I poured the seeds out into my palm and then sprinkled them on the ground as you would add a dash of salt to a dish. Some people mix the seeds with sand so they can see where the seeds are planted so that they are visible when you go to plant the next variety. This helps mitigate overlapping of seeds.

Then, I go to the woods to gather up pine needles with a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow.

pine Straw with pitch fork and wheel barrow
picking up pine Straw with pitch fork and wheel barrow

On the way, I find a magnificent, endangered tillandsia, Giant Air Plant. Serendipitous! It was a gorgeous day today and the garden is really starting to come along.

tillandsia Urtriculata Giant Airplant
tillandsia Urtriculata Giant Airplant

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