Adding Circle Beds for Roses & Planting Cool Season Flower Seeds

beginning of undulating rose garden circles

I know I want a large undulating border filled with roses and a cut flower garden. And I know I want to eliminate as much grass as possible, save for the pathways through the garden. Not really knowing what to do next, I figured I’d start off with a few circles, since that seemed manageable, then I could expand upon that and connect them. If the borders were too big, I could always put a cobbled path through it for easy access to the central garden.

The plan is to have three (3) circles with a seven-foot diameter (give or take). As I started digging, more ideas materialized… so while still murky, I have some direction. I know I want the Davis Store rose in the center circle growing up an 8-foot tall tuteur that I will build. I actually purchased the wood that I will paint the same color as the tack room. I have a good idea of the concept, just need to start building… but after my Marketing Analytics final. That will be my final final of my master’s level marketing education! yay!

The circles won’t be straight. They sit kinda’ skewed. I’ll build two more tuteur trellises, but they will have the Fun Jwan Lo roses climbing them. The Davis Store rose is a pinkish salmon color that grows to ten feet tall. The Fun Jwan Lo roses are a white/pink ombre and grow 13-feet tall. While I’d love to plant the perimeter of the circles with the band roses, they just aren’t ready for prime time. They are relegated to their pots for a few more months. This is making me want to plant the annual/perennial seeds there that I intend to plant for the autumn season. And, instead of heavy pine bark nuggets, I’ll cover the seeds with a light pine straw mulch.

fun jwan lo rose
davis store rose

Stay tuned for part 2 of the rose garden circle beds where I dig the third circle, plant annual and perennial flowers for a cutting garden, build one of the garden tuteurs, and mulch the beds with pine straw I harvest from my own woods.

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