moon garden before Moon Garden with swings and new shed

Moon Garden Transformation

The side yard was a neglected mess overrun by weeds, virginia creeper and sumac. After clearing the area, I noticed the perfect branch for a swing. That, my friends, was the spark that set the journey to the beautiful moon garden.
before the pond after pond and plants installed

Pond Installation

The side yard was a neglected mess. It was a naturalized area in front of a woodland. Once I installed the moon garden, I wanted to draw people over to the sound of water. Voila! the magical pond area was formed.
dakota planting sun garden in horse pasture crazy for crepe myrtles

Former Horse Pasture Transformed

The electric company trimmed back branches and trees that died from hurricane Irma after the transformer kept blowing and setting the woods on fire. Well, they cut it back so much we could see the road. I felt we needed more privacy, and so we transformed the pasture into a beautiful garden island full of crepe myrtles, drift roses, muhly grass, annual flowers and more.
before garden bed expansion bismarck palm with daylilies and hollies

Bismarck palm bed expansion

expanded the bed of daylilies and bismark palm to include the barbados cherry and new bermuda spice rose and clarissa hollies.
shade area before woodland shade garden

Changing a boring, overgrown tree area to a tropical shade garden

I walk and drive by a small section of woods all the time. It never really stood out, was not maintained, and had so many overgrown vines, it looked like a jungle. Now, it is transforming into a tropical shade garden... with future palm plantings planned.
loropetalum hedge sunshine Ligustrum bismarck palm loropetalum

Add pop with sunshine ligustrum!

I had always intended to add a chartreuse plant to the front of my loropetalum. The complementary colors yellow is the bling the burgundy shrubs really needed.
after porch
messy hose and weeds are an embarrassing eyesore after hose apron

Fixing an eyesore

A neglected area of the property gets a facelift with a hose post and flagstone paved apron.
water softener cabinet with hose snazzied up 4x4 post hose holder

Snazzy up a boring hose post

Don't settle for plain, boring 4x4 post. Add a solar cap and a wrought iron hose bracket. The outdoor closet is also new. Prior to this, the water softener was exposed to the elements, out in the open.
ugly before rv pad makeover pygmy date roebelini, knockout roses, moon flower, crepe myrtle salvia and moonflower vine

RV landscaping

bare grass before prairie garden prairie Bed two months later