What’s blooming in my central Florida yard in April (zone 9b)

So many beautiful flowers have blossomed so far this year! The biggest show, since December, has been a profusion of apricot drift roses in the sun garden.

drift roses, crepe myrtles, phlox, coreopsis
Spring 2023 zone 9b central Florida drift roses, crepe myrtles, phlox, coreopsis

In addition, a plethora of phlox and coreopsis have self-seeding and come out in full force.

Other direct sow seeds are bachelor’s buttons and nigella (love in a mist).

I have many roses coming out, as well as the early blooming daylilies.

My desert rose looks gorgeous because it thrived on neglect in the greenhouse over the winter. However, since I put it out in the sun, and it rained, the blossoms are a little worse for the wear… but they were glorious while they lasted!

desert rose

In addition, many of my azaleas blossomed, providing they received ample water.

I have one oakleaf hydrangea in bloom, a malaysian orchid (that also overwintered in the greenhouse), and the oleanders are prolific! The only thing is that I did have to terminate several oleander caterpillars and, just this morning, I noticed aphids on the second one of the pair near my cedar bed garden. I was going to soap them but noticed predator insects taking care of business for me… so, I’ll be patient and see how that goes. OK. Done with the patience… I hose blasted them off.

Unusual for me, my turk’s caps did not die back for the winter despite the arctic blast of a couple of days, and so they too are in bloom. And, while not in abundance, I did see a few blooms on both of my banana shrubs.

The wedelia didn’t die back to the ground as it always does. It has been desert dry for awhile and I don’t water them… but since it rained, they are starting to flower.

Other flowers in my garden that are blooming in April are a glorious amaryllis, jasmine, canna, sweet almond, bottlebrush, tea olive, blue daze, rain lilies and african irises.

Next on deck, I can see the jacobinia, more daylilies, the crinum lilies, and although the firespike had a bloom, it has a lot more in store!

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