I have been looking for a huge bromeliad ever since I decided not to purchase an $80 bromeliad that was ginormous from a local nursery last year. Of course, when I went back the next season, it was gone, and he didn’t have a plan to bring in more.

Its name is aechmea blanchetiana… and I wanted the orange version. Someone on the gardening facebook group mentioned he saw some at Home Depot… but I didn’t see any at my local big box store. When I found out that USF was having a Bromeliad Bash, I looked to see what it was but, other than the name, date and location of the event, they only mentioned the name of two men who are bromeliads experts. There really was not much of a description on any of the marketing materials I stumbled across.

bromeliad and ponytail palm
bromeliad and ponytail palm

When we pulled up, there were not many cars in the parking lot. And really no signage or description about what to do or where to go. We passed the garden store and noticed one vendor, but decided to see what else was going on in the gardens. We wanted to scope out the event, and the gardens, before purchasing heavy plants. Well, that was kinda’ a mistake because the one aechmea blanchetiana Tom had was sold and in the holding area tormenting me when I got to the booth! lol It was bagged up so I didn’t take a photo.

bromeliad garden at usf botanical gardens

I recorded video of the USF Botanical Gardens. Love the garden rooms and paths they have throughout. We spent the most time in the orchard room and the meditation garden. At the end of the video, I place five bromeliads I purchased in my own garden and will plant them tomorrow since it stormed… again.

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