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Laying landscape fabric & mulching the Oakleaf hollies

oakleaf hollies pulled though landscape fabric

Today, I finished off a big section of the “Taming the Jungle” project. I purchased 40 x 6 feet stretch of professional landscape fabric. I laid it next to the oakleaf hollies and positioned it where I wanted it to go. I felt it was important not to slice completely through the sheet in order for rogue weeds to start popping through.

laying landscape Fabric next to oakleaf hollies
laying landscape Fabric next to oakleaf hollies

Once set, I cut an “X” towards the front of fabric and lifted it over the top of the far right holly tree.

cutting an “X” in landscape fabric with a utility knife

Next, I carefully pulled the fabric to the ground, gathering the prickly leaves and stems so they popped out the top. With the fabric touching the ground, I felt around to assure I had gotten all of the branches closest to the soil out from beneath the cover.

placing the cut over the holly and pushing the fabric towards the ground
pulling the bottom branches out from underneath the fabric

Then, I pulled the fabric taut and cut another “X.” The process was repeated two more times.

I made sure the ground was as clear as it could be under the fabric. However, I didn’t want to dig all of the weeds and seeds out, so I just left them. I mean, I did remove the leaves, I’m positive, there are a boat ton more.

the landscape fabric is mostly flat… be sure to flatten all the wrinkles

After all the trees popped through and the fabric laid flat on the ground, I started to throw the two yards of mulch from the truck bed. Thankfully, my son rescued me, and he filled the wheelbarrow while I dumped it and spread the mulch… over and over and over again.

laying pine bark mulch atop the landscape fabric

I had excess fabric on the left and right sides… so I must come up with a plan for those areas as well. I could repeat the pattern with 3 more oakleaf hollies… or I could add three different smaller evergreens so there’s a more diverse culture of plants in the hedge screen.

Please stay tuned for answers to those burning questions and more!

Happy gardening!

watch the mulching video on youtube

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