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Planting daylilies in a mixed border

daylily daddy's favorite

Neither snow, nor rain… nor hurricane Ian. The postal service delivered my mail order daylilies from Ladybug Daylily farm in central Florida faster than I anticipated.

I ordered five different types but Dan Hansen must have thrown in a bonus plant. I had eyeballed the variety, but it wasn’t on my invoice or the packing slip, so he had to have surprised me with an extra.

mail order daylilies from ladybug daylielies
mail order daylilies from ladybug daylilies

They come bare root with the leaves chopped off bundled and tagged appropriately. These are the varieties I received:

paul's Eye daylily
paul’s Eye daylily
daylily Swimming Deep
daylily Swimming Deep
daylily Children Playing
daylily Children Playing
daylily Don’t Tell Mom
daylily daddy's favorite
daylily daddy’s favorite
daylily Desiderata
daylily Desiderata

After I unboxed them, I sorted them by early and mid-season blooms. I believe all of the varieties rebloom. I really wanted to add these into my mixed borders in both my backyard and in my front sun garden that used to be a horse pasture.

I extended the bed in front of the bougainvilleas for Don’t Tell Mom and Children Playing. After clearing the area of weeds and grass, I dug nine holes and filled them with good potting soil. Then I planted them only as deep as they had already been planted… don’t plant them too deep. This location receives nearly all-day sun but sometimes it’s a bit dappled.

mass planting of two similar colored varieties (prior to mulching)

Once they were planted, I watered them in and topped the soil with mulch to help retain moisture, keep weeds down, and to protect the roots from the elements.

I repeated these steps for the sun garden up front. However, I interspersed the daylilies with existing plantings. Here, I planted Paul’s Eye, Daddy’s Favorite, and Swimming Deep in mixed clumps of three each.

daylilies planted in a mixed Border
daylilies planted in a mixed Border

Guess we’ll have to wait until the spring to see them bloom!

Happy gardening.


This is the first lily to bloom. It is an early season variety named “Swimming Deep.”

Florida Daylily “Swimming Deep”
Daddy’s Favorite
Children Playing

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