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White flowers for a moon garden

landscape lighting on arbor and birdbath

I love the idea of sitting out on my swing after dusk just sitting, contemplating, and listening to the sounds of nature while staring up at the universe.

I have always been a “stealthy” person with the uncanny ability to walk around in the dark without the assistance of a flashlight you can see from the International Space Station. (I won’t mention any names but someone on the homestead is notorious for blinding us all with his ultra high-powered spotlight!)

There are three major reasons I decided to install a white moon garden.

  1. I wanted to be able to see the plants in the moonlight
  2. Fragrance was really important to me in my plant choices
  3. Planting all white eliminated color choices making it easier to coordinate plants.

The weird thing is, I sometimes have difficulty finding white plants! I never used to use them much because I read somewhere that they create a visual “hole” in the garden. I’m sure that’s situational if the design isn’t executed well. I am very envious of all the glorious white hydrangeas gardeners have up north.

When I first started the moon garden, there were existing yellow thryallis bushes that I left in place. Who says a moon garden has to stay strictly white? Mine is actually white, light yellow, and lavender.

Since some of the garden is in sun but much of it is in shade, I have the luxury of incorporating both. Here I will separate the plants by sunlight preference. A couple of the plants fall into both categories.


white chiffon rose of sharon
white chiffon rose of sharon


white caladiums
white caladiums

Other plants I need photos of are: banana shrub, yesterday, today and tomorrow, music note plant, and white camellia.

Don’t forget white garden structures, fountains, pots, arches, and landscape lighting!

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