gardening partial shade

Labor Day Shade Garden Tour

birdhouse path to shade garden

With cat vs coral snake battle extraordinaire

The blazing heart is thinking about subsiding here in early September in Zone 9B north of Tampa, Florida. We have been getting nearly daily rainfall for the past month which usually starts in June.

Here is a tour of my red and chartreuse woodland shade area full of coleus, spider plants, gingers, sweet potato vine, azaleas, bromeliads and more.

Towards the end, my cat, who I cured from FIP, a 100% lethal disease last year, decided to expend one of her 9 lives by battling a coral snake. UGH! I hope she didn’t get bitten because they are also lethal. She keeps tempting fate.

Anyway, this garden has a red and chartreuse (of course with green) theme, as I tried to stay within a limited palette that has a hint of orange from time to time… however, a blue or pink flower or two can sometimes sneak in! The hydrangeas, camellias and azaleas aren’t in bloom but will flower come wintertime.

come with me on a tour of the woodland’s edge shade garden
woodland's edge shade garden
woodland’s edge shade garden
woodland's edge shade garden gingers
woodland’s edge shade garden gingers

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