Unexpected Visitors to My Garden

Living out on a farm, other people’s animals typically wander in and hang for a while. If we know who they belong to, we text them to let them know. Sometimes we shoo them back to their homes. While, other times, folks abandon them (like cats or roosters they can’t keep), and they find a home here. We’ve had cows, donkeys, horses, dogs and pigs visit as well. As a matter of fact, both our cat Rogue, who was feral, and our chihuahua, Tallulah, were found wandering. In our case, Joe’s beloved best friend was in the middle of a country road stopping traffic, weighing only four pounds, with long, nearly curling nails, no collar, and full of fleas. We took her in, loved on her and now she is his little princess.

This time, a drove of pigs showed up. This isn’t the first time this particular sounder appeared. Four of them were here twice this year. However, this time, they came with a farrow of piglets.

They aren’t afraid of humans who are standing at a distance, but I can’t touch them. They’ll eat cat food like there’s no tomorrow. We tried corralling them last time, but no luck. They’re too smart for that.

Today, Maui encountered them, and they freaked him out. He played the tough guy, but when he barked, they spooked, and he nearly flew out of his skin in fear. haha. Poor thing. He kept his distance, and it’s a good thing because these guys are bulldozers with each other. You can tell who the alphas are by how nasty they are preventing the others from getting to food.

unexpected guests in the yard

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